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Anonymous Student Evaluation Comments
ENGL110 over four sections

I’ve pulled every third comment from UD-SIS. The responses are not divided by section number or semester and are offered in no particular order. I have also not altered these comments in any way. Students often hastily submit evaluations, so let’s have a exercise a little grace with punctuation, spelling, and other typos. 

  1. Please say whatever you like about the strengths or weaknesses of this instructor.

Mrs. Atlas is the bomb. Dope as all hell. If Yeezy were an English teacher. Feedback. Fantastic feedback. The comments she gave applied to both the universal aspects of good writing and the minute. Calling out comma splices and demanding semi- colons be transcendent if used. She’s not afraid to speak her mind either. I appreciate real talk and she told it like it was, straight-up. Always complimentary. I’m no iconoclast but she sweetly called me one. She gave comments on my style, implying I have a style. I don’t, I’m a passable writer but she made me feel intentional. In a way maybe that helped me gain a style. Although maybe not a great one. Sense of humor. She didn’t take my at times casual tone as offensive to her position. (For all I know at least.)

she is a new teacher but is a great writer and loves to help her students

My favorite professor by far.

Janel was great! Very personable and understanding.

I thought that her class was relatively easy, and the prof. was a really easy grader. She always gave good advice on drafts.

weakness: final drafts graded based largely on how much revision you did.

This teacher gave me clear instructions and advice that got me to write my best work.

This was a great professor. she was super clear on everything and had a great policy when it came to attendance and work and everything about this class was structured well.

Very personable, helpful, and knowledgable.

Janel was always helpful in guiding me in the right direction for any paper, when I was unsure she was always reliable.

Very good instructor all around

I really liked that she was very easily reached. Sometimes I emailed her at like 11 o’clock at night and by 11:05 I had a response.

Very helpful and encouraging

The instructor was one of the best professors I have had at UD yet. She was extremely helpful and insightful. She was always available for further explanation, to answer questions, and to aid students mostly whenever. She answered emails very fast and was always eager to help students. Also, she offered great knowledge and insight at all times.

One of my favorite teachers at Delaware. She gives excellent feedback and really cares about her students.

She is very willing to help any one with anything whenever you need it which is always a comforting thought to know.

She was so easy to communicate with. Offered great advice on how to improve writing and was a very fair grader. Great instructor.

  1. Please comment on class activities (lectures, small-group work, class discussion, independent projects, etc.).

Peer review really helps

Peer Review made the class more tedious but it kept me on task.

Very effective. Overall saw a huge improvement in my writing due to this course and teaching styles of Janel Atlas.

The small consistent peer groups were really beneficial to the class because we got close and accustomed to how people were writing.

Class activities were a bit dull and outdated. I felt like we could’ve engaged more as a class of the material was a bit more innovative.

I really enjoyed the peer groups that were set up to improve our understanding of our own personal writing through the feedback of others. I also really enjoyed creating a video for the final project.

The peer revision we consistently did in class was very helpful.

Does it well

I had never done peer review before, it was a success working in the small groups

Effective and productive

The Small group work was very useful and beneficial.

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned this but I felt peer review to be a hilarious waste of time. But that’s just me.

I LOVE PEER REVIEW NOW. I used to hate it, and now I love it. Our class was A+ stellar at it, and I always left with some constructive criticism to apply. I wish we had done more group discussion. We did some work (handouts, etc.) in groups, but I think that more brainstorming would have been good. The lectures were good, and I feel like they were helpful in learning the basics of writing. I loved all three of the papers that we did and I really enjoyed how different they all were from each other.

everything was greatI loved how small the class was. We did many writing activities that were broken up into manageable pieces. I liked the peer review, the small group works and the independent projects. I felt the teacher help to set me up for success.

there was a lot of meeting in groups to peer edit each others drafts. I thought this was great because it gave you another perspective on your paper besides the professors.

  1. Please say whatever you like about the strengths and weaknesses of the class.

Helped improve me as a writer and reader

I really enjoyed my teacher and she made this class more enjoyable and less boring than I thought it would be.

Helped me grow as a writer by being somewhat responsible for others papers and helping them with feedback and comments.

I liked the assignments, to a degree, but felt that the sylabus for each assignment didn’t look for the right things.

I really like Janel and recommend her to other students.

The professor really helped us love the course and appreciate. She explained why we do every single assignment and what the outcome is, which was very helpful for us as students to do the work with more courage. I also appreciated the fact that all the assignments were so helpful and made me grow as a writer and a person.

I came out of this class with a little more skills in writing.


The video project was awful. Terrible. I have cancer now because of it. Some type of carcinoma I think. If I could go back in time and stop one event from ever taking place it would be the creation of the video project. A sick joke for the sole purpose of hurting Michael Azierski’s grade. I’m positive of that.

in all i loved the class i thought i would come in and not care but i generally cared about what grades i got and how i did

Strong in helping and assisting you

The assignments were all very fair which I appreciated.

  1. Please explain your answer to the question, “The course provided opportunities to improve my writing skills.”

Getting her feedback and peer reviewed

we wrote a lot of essays and we had many small assignments where it was necessary to express what you could in under 500 words.

I am now able to recognize whether or not I’m writing in the passive voice. I also am much better at editing and revising my writing.

By doing multiple submissions of each paper and getting Janel and classmates comments back it left me a lot of time and room to improve.

I was challenged but not challenged enough.

I felt that there were new challenges set up in each prompt to not only research differently but also think differently on how to word certain arguments and counter arguments to create one fluid idea.

The course challenged me to respond to questions and prompts that I have never necessarily seem before in terms of writing style.

I’ve done my best works of writing in this class

We had a lot of writing assignments that were challenging in different ways in terms of the way we think and also write. Each assignment had a different twist that opened my eyes to different tactics of writing.

My writing improved overall, I’d consider that a successful class

During this course we were given many different types of papers to write, giving us a chance to improve our skills in different ways.

My writing has never been amazing but with this class, and the amount of writing we had to complete, my writing has definitely gotten much better.

For sure.

because we tied different types of writing assignments

Through peer editing and help from professor I feel like my writing as improved.

The feedback that Janel gave us was always extremely useful and practical. She definitely helped my writing skills.