Hello, World!

Academics do a lot of interesting work. As a PhD candidate of English at the University of Delaware, I have the privilege of reading and also producing texts that are part of a scholarly conversation.

Unfortunately, much of the scholarly conversation goes on behind closed doors sequestered off at the end of a long hallway in the top of the ivory tower.

This website is my small effort to share pieces of my current research and writing with a broader audience than my professors and seminar-class colleagues. As wonderful as that smaller community is, I want to engage with the work others are doing and share what I am doing with those outside my school, discipline, and geographic region.

A bit about me and my interests: I earned my BA in English Literature from Messiah College (2004) and my MA in English from the University of Delaware (2015). I’m currently a PhD student at Delaware; my area of research is emotion, affect, trauma, and writing.

My dissertation project is interdisciplinary and draws on psychology, writing studies, composition pedagogy, medical humanities, trauma studies, and creative nonfiction theory.

I intend for this space to house my works-in-progress as well as works I’ve completed.

As I continue adding to the site, I will also share more of my teaching materials.



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